Germantown's Most Wanted

The Germantown Police Department holds (an) active warrant(s) for the persons listed in the Warrant List. This list is current at the time of posting. All warrants need to be verified by our department through a law enforcement agency before any individual will be apprehended. If you know the whereabouts or have any knowledge of any of these persons, call the Germantown Police Department at 262-253-7780, or call your local police agency immediately.

Please note: Do not attempt to apprehend any of the listed persons.

Wanted Individuals

If you see your name listed, you can contact the Germantown Police Department at 262-253-7780, or your local law enforcement agency, to take care of the warrant(s). You may be able to pay the warrant fees over the phone from your home using a credit card and information obtained from the Germantown Police Department.